May 23, 2022

Kara Sax presently serves as Chief Executive Officer of The Sax Agency and is proud to be one of the fearless thought leaders working with companies and organizations to develop transformative solutions with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.
As a proud graduate of HBCU Howard University, Kara propelled herself through the corporate ladder at various organizations to shape and ultimately fulfill her entrepreneurial dream, lending her voice and advocacy to underserved communities.

Her mission is to be a leader in shaking up the lily-white field of marketing and advertising and to bring a delicate balance of analytics and creative chops to the core of each firm's solution. Her role as CEO includes expanding corporate direction, providing executive insight, managing strategic development, and accountability marketing in the name of impactful results.
Outside of her work with SAX, Kara sits on the Board of Trustees of The Alliance College--Ready Public School Foundation and is also on the founding board of Movement of Allies for Black Businesses.


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