March 16, 2022

From an early age, Vanessa Rodriguez Spencer exhibited her creativity by writing poems and short stories that she would share with her family and friends. It was at that early age she knew her calling would be television and film. That dream would be deferred for a few years at the urging of her parents to a have a back-up plan.. That plan was manifested by her attending New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education. After completion of her program, she began working as an early childhood educator. Although very rewarding, she felt the classroom was not yet the place for her. After only one year, Vanessa decided to put her lesson plans and school yard whistle in storage and follow the lights of entertainment all the way to “HOLLYWOOD.” Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Vanessa began working with well known Casting Director, Sheila Jaffe. Over the course of 12 years Vanessa cast such projects as Entourage, Ballers, McFarland, Be Cool, Love Sick and cast Kevin Hart is his first leading role in a major studio film, Soul Plane. Not completely abandoning her teaching roots, Vanessa has been an acting coach, hosting workshops that help actors not only hone their craft but also learn key tips on how to navigate the treacherous waters of auditioning and the pit falls of the industry. In addition to coaching actors, Vanessa has begun to write, develop and produce projects with her husband writer/producer Chris Spencer. The Spencer’s currently have several projects in development with Hartbeat Productions and are preparing to launch a Sirius XM Radio Show on LOL (Laugh Out Loud) Radio’s station channel 96. Since leaving casting, Vanessa has pursued her philanthropic passions as a board member of Step-Up (2014-2018), The Felix Organization (2005-Present) and College Track (2019-Present). During her tenure at Step-Up she raised over a 100K for the organization, and has mentored young girls, many of whom will attend college as the first in their family. Vanessa has been an advisory board member of The Felix Organization: Adoptees for Foster Youth, raising upwards of 250K. In addition to working with these organizations she volunteers with local homeless organizations and the Parent Associations executive board at her children’s school. Vanessa is very involved in social justice and education advocacy working with Political Action Committees (PACS), founded by women. Vanessa is married to writer/producer and comedian Chris Spencer. They have been married for 14 years and have two children, Christopher 16 and Isabella 15 and reside in Los Angeles.


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