No matter what my day consists of, I’m always in need of a scarf or a sweater. I knew I needed something special that I could take with me anywhere—whether I’m lounging at home or on the go.
E Marie was born out of a need for warmth and comfort whenever, wherever. I wanted to create something that combined portability, comfort, and style that I could easily use when I needed to layer up quickly.

That’s how the Travel Blanket came to be. It’s a soft and versatile blanket that’s luxuriously large when spread out but compact enough to pack up in a pinch and conveniently store in your bag. It became so popular that we couldn’t wait to create an oversized version called the Boss Blanket. It has the same great feel as the Travel Blanket, just more of it!

Our blankets are so versatile that you can style them as a scarf, wear them like an over-the-shoulder shawl, use it as a pillow, or wrap yourself in them while you curl up on the couch. They’re sure to become one of your never-go- anywhere-without-them items, as they’ve become for me.

We’ve expanded our collection to include many other must-haves—like the Beanie. During the cooler months, I carry one with me wherever I go. It keeps me warm and is so easy to throw in my bag making it a seasonal staple of mine. Here’s to being comfy and cozy wherever you are.

Enjoy, E


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